“About Us” pages are the epitome of “easy to learn, difficult to master”.

It doesn’t take much thought to list out the facts of a business; date of creation, founders, location, etc.

But that stuff can be found on a wiki page. Why does it need to be taking up space on your website?

You take your page to the next level when your About Page tells customers your “why”.

  • Did you start your bakery because your mother always wanted one?
  • Did you start your car dealership because you loved watching your dad work as a mechanic? 

These emotional points help you stand out from the crowd. Especially useful in industries with similar products.

Here are 3 tips to create an About page that connects.

Having a commanding heading

What’s your mission? How do you lead your industry? Does your company have a dominating statistic?

Make a statement about your company. 

It should be something worth shouting from the rooftops.

People love confidence. And if you can’t be confident about your own business why should they?

Avoid the 3 paragraph shuffle

We’ve all seen this on a company’s website. We go through their about page and it’s 3 paragraphs of somewhat useful information. 

Maybe it begins with when the company started, what it offers, and something about its culture. It is not necessarily bad, but also not memorable. 

I call this the 3 paragraph shuffle.

The 3 paragraph shuffle:

  • Is boring to read.
  • Smothers information that could lead to a sale. 
  • Belongs on a wiki page.

However, the  3 paragraph shuffle isn’t useless. It is great for getting your information onto the page. But then you should take it one step further. 

Go through and gloss it up:

  1. Format.
  2. Cut.
  3. Add.
  4. Bold.
  5. Italicize.
  6. Make a header.

In doing this you may find something that makes a powerful commanding statement. Something you can then put as your heading. It all works in unison. 

 Know your audience(s)

Another issue costing businesses money is not tailoring their about page to the audience(s) visiting the site.

Are they:

Business owners:

Single moms:

Punk rock stars:

If you strike the right chord, pun intended, your target audience will be more willing to emotionally invest in your company. You show you understand them, they then percieve you as part of their circle.  

People buy off emotion first then justify with logic. 

You can do this by:

  1. Using their vocabulary
  2. Sympathizing with their pain points
  3. Directing different groups to links. 

This 3rd point I want to emphasize.

Lets say you’re about page services both investors and consumers. 

  1. Your investors don’t necessarily care about the same information that consumers would. And Vice versa

In this case segmenting your about page with links for every group helps direct people to the information they need. And doesn’t waste their time. Once again, showing that you understand them.

These 3 changes can lead to more traffic to your other pages. 

More traffic = more sales = more moolah.