Destiny 2 is a game about being a space wizard of death. Its new expansion, Light Fall looks to bring the game to even higher heights. With it comes another subclass, Strand, that will no doubt break the game. This, after 3 subclass reworks and stasis, our guardians will be more powerful than they ever were. 

But with all this power, what can the average player do with it?


Destiny 2 is a 5-year-old game. Over that time it has gone through sweeping changes. From the disastrous first year to now being in its 18th season. And while there are still fires to put out (looking at you PVP team) it’s been on an upward trajectory. 

Here’s a brief overview of how we as the player have gotten stronger:

All the changes above are good. It’s a videogame after all. We want to have fun and feel powerful. But without some pushback, I’ve begun to feel like one punch man in a lot of content. Incredibly powerful for no reason.

This leads me to my problem.


The bottom shelf content is unstimulating. Content that can be snoozed through with no thought behind load-outs or combat play.

Some of you will undoubtedly say: “Well then go play harder content

That’s a reasonable response. The issue?

None of it is matchmade. Not to mention most content is artificially hard. It’s Difficult but not stimulating; with tanky enemies and turning our powerful guardians into tissue paper.  

The whiplash from bottom to top shelf is so severe that I hypothesize people who try this upper content are so turned off that they go back to the boring but accessible content.

Here’s how I think Bungie can fix that.


The new difficulty floor should be where Legend Dares of Eternity is. When I first played this content at the release of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary pack. I found it to be challenging but not impossible.

In this content:

  • I made serious consideration about my loadout. Because shield types weren’t relegated to only a few enemies.
  • Double-checked modifiers to make sure I wasn’t being screwed over.
  • Had to position myself in the arena for a strategic advantage.

And the best part?

Though I was in an LFG team with mics, we barely used them. Because the content wasn’t to the point of needing complete teamwork.

That’s the sweet spot; thoughtful but not nut crunching.

I suspect this change will have a trickle-up effect. An increase in base difficulty will nudge players to make load-outs and builds that they will feel confident enough to try in the upper shelf content. But we as players have to be nudged to make builds. And the content does not even remotely do that.

How do you feel about Destiny 2’s base matchmade difficulty? Am I off base?

Let me know below and have a great day.